Paintings of Dimbulagla

Paint of Dimbulagala Pulligoda Temple
Paint of Dimbulagala Pulligoda Temple
Pulligoda Temple

Painting of deities seated on a carpet is found at Pulligoda temple at Dibhulagala. It is a part of a remaining painting about 5 feet on the roof of the cave. The faces of deities in this paintings reflects serene features where the painting have been painted on white plaster with colours of yellow, red, green, white.


There are several numbers of caves in a range at Dimbhulagala rock and these caves are famous as “Mara Weediya Caves”.

Cave No. 1 of Mara Weediya in Didhulagala

The first painting has been faded away up to a certain extent. The Lord Buddha is seated on a cushion under an arch in a meditation posture in “wajrasana”.  The second painting is a large image of Buddha and the third painting depicts designs of swans where the swans are painted one after the others.

Cave No.2 of Mara Weediya in Dibhulagala

A well built handsome looking male like a prince mounted on an elephant is painted in the first painting.

“Sasa Jathaka” is painted in second painting. The colours are being faded away but the black lines are remaining. This painting reflects the way the “Sakra” deva paints the rabbit on the moon. He is wearing a string of “poona” and conical head dress, carrying a painting brush in his hand.