Hindu Culture


Hindu culture and religion was gradually introduced to the Sri Lankan society after the conquest of Chola invaders during Polonnaruwa era and the Kovils and Shrine rooms of Hindu religion were introduced as a part of their culture. Their shrine rooms were very colorful with different types of deities. A Kovil is a chamber where the devotees become enchanted by the scenario of that. This feature became more serious and severe where they have introduced the Shiva Kovil. Worshipping “Shiva Lingam” in this Kovil is said to be a blessing for women expecting children.

 Archeologists have discovered that the first Kovil with Shiva Shrine Room have been built during Polonnaruwa era which are famous as Shiva Kovil No.1 and 2.

Thereafter the Hindu devotees could be found from different parts of the island and they have constructed their worshipping place of Hindu Kovil. As a result Hindu temples and Kovils have become very common places of worship in Sri Lanka.

Some of the pictures of Kovils and their Statues in different areas of the island are given below.

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Sitha Kovila

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Koneshwaram Kovila

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Sri Nagapooshani Amman Kovila Nagadeepaya

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Arulmigu Sivasubramaniya Swami Kovil – Slave Island Colombo 02

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Kali Kovila – Colombo

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