Modern Art

The Modern Art of Sri Lanka

There was a heavy decline in many of the conventional arts after the invasions of foreign nationals. However the organizations such as Group of 43, Lanka N...

Communication Methods of the Pre historical Humans

 There are various kinds of scripts, letters, carved on the granite slabs of the tombs of Ibbankatuwa civilization. It is found that the scripts engraved on pots containing ash and skeletons, had been carved with lett...

The Carvings during the Period Of Anuradhapura

A craft is a creation made on any medium in a convex or semi convex pattern. There are many found from the Anuradhapura era. Among some of them are guard stone, balustrade (“Korawakgala”), moonstone, carvings of “Vaha...

Anuradhapura Era

Commencement of Anuradhapura KingdomAccording to the chronicle of Mahavansha, the name of Anuradhapura city became popular after, the establishment of the civilisation near the...

Gampola Era

Gampola era commences in 14th century and there can be seen remains of many sculptures, engravings and carvings than the remains found in Dabadeniya era. Among them one may observe the Buddha statues, “bosa...

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