The Period After The Introduction Of Buddhism



During the reign of King Dhevanampiyatissa, with the arrival of the son of king Dharmashoka of India, who is Arahant Mahinda Thera and his daughter who is Arahant Sangamitha Theri, the Buddhism was established in Sri Lanka. The introduction of Buddhism leads to social, cultural and religious development all over the island.

It can be ascertained that skilled artists, sculptures, craftsmen belonging to 18 different classes arrived Sri Lanka with Arahant Sangamittha Theri, with the sacred Bodhi tree to Sri Lanka.

For a certain period after the arrival of Mihindu Thera, the Buddhist monks lived in caves with deeply incised protective drip ledges which can still be seen in Mihintale. These caves were renovated with brick walls, granite frames, granite tablets with the help and directions of architectures who arrived from India.

As a result of the gratitude and the devotion of the king and the royals, towards Buddhism, many monasteries and temples were built for the monks and to those who came to listen to the sermons. The remains of those buildings can still be seen across the thousands of acres in Anuradhapura.