Sri Sumanatissa Rajamahaviharaya


Sri Sumanatissa Rajamahaviharaya Situated in Gampaha Minuwangoda main road,passing about two kms, you meet Bulathkade junction ,then turn right ,reading the board Sumanthree mawatha then proceed another three kms ,then to the right side this temple can be seen. Dating back 3C B.C. when the time of the sacred bodhi tree brought to sri lanka by Arahant Sangamitta ‘s eight uncles,of them the chief guardian of the Bodhi Tree, Sumitta pioneered to build this temple at Doranegoda [wilgamuwa]. Many stone pillars visible here, it is said that there had been a Tampita viharaya [A shrine room built on a pillar] now cannot be seen. Sapling of the sacred Bodhi tree has been implanted here.About seven feet high stone pillars visible here.On which old letters carved and extraordinary. It is square type and seems not old Brahmi letters.Particular indication not to be found. In addition,bottom of the entrance stone pillars,two key holes visible.Outside of the temple very special urinery stone can be seen,and that has not been restored.