Neolithic Period


Neolithic Period

Thereafter the Homo sapiens entered in to Neolithic period from the Mesolithic period about 6000 years ego.

It has been discovered the evidence of Neolithic period with the help of excavations done by the Archaeologists during the past few decades. The evidence of paddy, oats and other seeds found from the Horton Planes summit civilizations, it proves that the Homo sapiens have converted to an agricultural pattern of life. Excavations of different layers of Dorawaka cave in Kegalla civilization, grain like “kurakkan”, clay pots, equipments used for the preparation of them were also have been discovered.

It is also has been discovered that the technology of making metals had been in use by these civilizations even before several centuries B.C. The jars discovered with metal parts in Ibbankatuwa tomb are good examples.

It has been discovered at the Samanala Wewa project of Belihul Oya in Sabaragamuwa province a few ovens used to make pure hard metal (‘wane”) in 4 B.C. directly out of raw iron (“yapas”).