Moon Stone


The Moonstone (“Sandakada Pahan”)

It is a creation of semi-circular granite slab placed at the entrance of a religious building. The opinion of the scholars with regard to the moonstone is that the craftsmen have intended to convey a special massage of Buddhism by this creation. At the early stage it was only a simple semi circular granite slab. There after it has evolved in to most artistic creations of engraving. One of the most attractive moonstones consists with a decoration of tuskers, bulls, horses and a lions in a row one after the other. It also has a pattern of swans in a row one after the other and a design of a half of a lotus can be seen at the centre of the moonstone. The scholars are of the opinion that the birth, suffering, death, and the sickness are reflecting in the moonstone. The best carved moonstone found from Anuradhapura ear is the one placed at the entrance of the Bisso Palace (“Bisso Maligawa”).