Commencement of the Polonnaruwa Kingdom


Commencement of the Polonnaruwa Kingdom.

Most of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka who were ruling have chosen Anuradhapura as the capital of their kingdom for about several centuries. However an invader of Chola Rajarajan, who came from India, conquered the Anuradhapura kingdom during the period of king Mihindu (v) and they moved and selected Polonnaruwa as their capital.

The king  Vijayabahu (I), who defeated the Chola and brought the entire country under one umbrella. Although he had his coronation at Anuradhapura he also selected the Polonnarawa as his kingdom. As a result of this during the period 1070 of A.D. the Polonnaruwa became the capital of Sri Lanka. There after several kings ruled the country under the Polonnaruwa capital. However the most prospective period of the Polonnaruwa kingdom is identified as the period during the king Parakkaramabahu the great. The kings such as, Vijayabhahu (I) and Parakkaramabahu (I) have renovated the tanks, stupas, several other temples and other architectural monuments which have been destroyed by the Chola. The king Nissankamalla continued the constructions made by the king Parakkramabahu (I).

When we observe the greater values of art, sculptures, architectural monuments, of the period of Polonaruwa we understand that this should be the result of the peace, harmony, prosperity and the political and social stability prevailed during the reign of these kings. However the South Indian and Hindu culture has been influenced the local art, sculptures and other architectural monuments.