Bentota Rajamahaviharaya


Situated in colombo galle main road, passing at least 300 meters from Bentota bridge on to the leftside, five main temples can be seen.

1.Udakotuwa bodhi sameepa Bentota Rajamahaviharaya

2.Bentota wanawasa Rajamaha viharaya

3.Bodhimalu Rajamahaviharaya

4.Bentota Galapatha Rajamahaviharaya

5.Bentota Gane Rajamahaviharaya

These five viharas situated the diameter of  five kms around Bentota main river.

According to the history,the era dating back 3rd C  B.C the King was Devanampiyatissa. Sapling of the sacred Bodhi tree has been implanted in this compound of the Rajamahaviharaya. The chief minister of the King, Sumittha,has pioneered to that event.Later period,Kings like,Saddhatissa ,Parakkramabahu the great,2nd and 6th Parakkramabahu have involved to restore the temple.

Due to the attack of Portugese,some part of the temple destroyed and hidden to the forest for long time. In 1834,one of chief Buddhist monk founded this temple and restored Rajamahaviharaya.and improved to the present situation.

1.Udakotuwa Bodhisameepa Bentota

Situated in colombo Galle main road,passing Bentota bridge on to the left,you see Round road or Rajamawatha along 100 meters,on the left,a name board can be seen.

It is situated top of a small mountain. On the left an old Bodhi tree can be seen. Of which,the most important,that one side of the Bodhi tree leaves are colour in white. Portugese were not able to destroy the Bodhi tree,but other propeties.A beautiful brozen Buddha statue can be seen there.

2.Bentota wanawasa Rajamahaviharaya

Situated on the same road,passing another  one km,then turning Yathramulla junction,towards another 100 meters derects to the vihara’ Consist of a  three story building, situated on a small mountain. Dating back 3rd c B.C,Period of the king Devanampiyatissa. The meaning of wanawasa,temple in the forest,considered that forest monks were meditating here for long period.In addition,Pali texts have been translated to english by scholars like Dr.Reeve Davids and Dr.R C.Wilders, using this temple premises.Portugese were able to destroyed the old Bodhi tree. In 1978,new sapling from Anuradhapura,implanted here.

3.Bentota Bodhimalu viharaya

Passing another 1 km on the same road,on to the left ,this temple can be seen.Situated in flat area and  an old building consist of painting decaying situation visible.Restoration have not been done.Chief minister of the King Sumittha planted old Bodhi tree still can be seen.

4.Bentota Galapatha Rajamahaviharaya

Situated,towads the same road,passing another 1km on to the left you see a by road,going about 100 meters,a plain of Rock visible on which the temple can be seen. Entering on the steps on the right side an inscription visible in lenth 12 feet in width 5 feet and in middle 28 horizental lines can be seen. Dating back 3rd C B,C. Accoding to the inscription,that the relics of Arahant Kasyapa,donated to the King Dutugamunu to be enshrined here. Later the King Saddhatissa build a seperate place for that,it was called Dalada madura. In 1568 portugese vanished most part of the temple and have robbed valuable things. They were not able to destroy the stupa. Stone pillars,carved toilet stones,guardstones remain in good condition. in 1834,Archeological department restored this temple and found under ground tunnel, in additon very important stone water strainer that rare to be seen.

5.Bentota Gane Rajamahaviharaya

Situated on the same road,passing another 2 kms,on to right this temple can be seen.Dating back to 3rd c B,C. It is visible that the main stupa was destroyed and have been reconstruted later.a Buddhist monk called Parisudda, pioneered to build the new Buddha shrine room and big dwelling house for Buddhist monks.Old Bodhi tree still visible and under ground tunnel also found in restoration.