Hindu Culture

Hindu culture and religion was gradually introduced to the Sri Lankan society after the conquest of Chola invaders during Polonnaruwa era and the Kovils...

Christian Culture

Churches which were considered as scared places have been built to express the feelings, needs of the human to have a special and unique...

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This is not a private website we only try to gather pinch of information of art history without the selr-gratification,but for a common purpose.Thanks...

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Kolam Maduwa

Yatawaththa Viharaya Pahalagama Gampaha

ගම්පහ නගරයේ ජා-ඇළ මාර්ගය පටන්ගත් තැනින් වමට හැරී යන පහළගම පාරේ කිලෝමීටරයක් පමණ ගමන් කළවිට යටවත්ත විහාර ළඟාවිය හැක.වර්තමානයේ යටවත්ත විහාරය ලෙස හැඳින්වුවද මෙම...